We have changed! This blog is still about cosmic citizenship and Homo cosmosarius, but our first in this series has been ported over to our column in the publication, The Urban Times.  Our column, Woof and Warp, is located there and it will cover many topics and with contributions from a variety of contributing authors. You may visit here to read all of our first series.
We are soliciting guest authors for Homo cosmosarius. If you have an interest and wish to write about humankind and our relationship with all that surrounds us (Earth, solar system, galaxy, universe) then please contact us at this email address: glanrob@gmail.com. Tell us of your interests and article ideas. We will respond within 3 days after receipt and if we can use your topic suggestions we will include a set of guest author guidelines and some publication dates.
NEW>Our background image: The current image is of NGC1569; more commonly known as the Starburst Galaxy. It is from an astrophotograph taken by Waddell Robey with the magnificent telescopes at Slooh.com. We will change the background image from time to time. All will be some view from the Cosmos. If you have good quality astrophotographs of your own (no imports please) we invite you to suggest them to us. You will be given full credit if we select and use your photo for our background.