The image of colorful chaos above is a random artistic illustration of the state and course of human society today. As shown in the artwork, there are separate centers of cohesion with swirling varieties of cultural movements that seem to gravitate toward those centers. The artwork also displays interruptions and pitfalls that hamper that flow.  Lastly the various colors and shades of colors represent the many various cultural embodiments of Homo sapiens. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of this came together in a unified and cohesive manner? NO!

The artwork as well as real live humankind display a varied and vibrant diversity. This is good. What is not working out so well is a successful interrelationship and interaction between those areas of diversity. The challenge is to protect and enrich the diversity while successfully bringing all of it into an interactive and cooperative existence. This could mean world peace.  The following is an example of strong diversity operating in a very supportive and progressive manner. Take a moment or two to view it and then read on for more of this discussion.

Well, yes we hear you. World peace can come from all of us different folks dancing together? Yes! It will be far more productive and supportive of reaching world peace if we all dance together rather than threatening or fighting each other. For us to reach the point where we can dance together means we have achieved a significant success in preserving diversity while also improving our mutual respect and cooperation with each other. We could label that the ISS paradigm.

We call it the ISS paradigm, because of the unique and highly successful international cooperation in the support and operation of the International Space Station.  Diversity and respectful and productive cooperation are an ISS standard. It is a role model that we should all acknowledge and use as a clear example of what we can accomplish with the right motivation.  Is not world peace, and sustained equal opportunity for all humankind sound motivation?

None of this is a given, and some nations are a bit more successful that others, but globally we are way behind. We need democratic forms of governance, but it needs to be real, citizen-based, and not the product of special interests or powerful financial forces. Additionally we must universally accept that scientific knowledge both as a profession and as a level of human intelligence must become commonplace. Right now science is often the victim of suspicion and misleading mysticism. That must change; universally. The late scientist Carl Sagan states that “we are a scientific civilization” which means “a civilization in which knowledge and its integrity are crucial. Science is only a Latin word for knowledge. Knowledge is our destiny.”

So we are at a threshold of change and when we cross that we then face the crossroads of our future. One road leads us into expanded intellectual power and thus a greater sense of our being and respect of the very diversity that makes us so unique. The other road will lead us into darkness where suspicion rules and where progress is defined only by those of great power and wealth. The end of that road is extinction.  So not only must we boldly step forward, but we must also bravely take the correct path for our future and continuing evolution.

Please take time to view the video below. It is both soothing and inspiring. All that you see is part of us and we of it. Look too at the diversity on display. It too is part of our cosmic community. By gaining a cosmic focus we will find that achieving full recognition of our own diversity and our ability to become a unity of differences will ensure our progress and future. In joy, we will dance together; globally.



Image: Artistic chaos – by the author

Quote: Carl Sagan, from his book, The Dragons of Eden.