There is absolutely no sense in panicking; robotics are going to replace more and more of the current human workforce. Does this mean we are approaching a Player Piano human lifestyle? It could happen, but it does not need to happen.
As more robots move into the workplace there will be an increasing availability of workers to tend to Earth’s environment. Are we talking about just planting trees and raking leaves? Absolutely not, we are talking about an entire range of skills from agronomy to zoology. Yes, there will be a need for manual skills, but also a growing demand for entrepreneurial and scientific interests and skills.  For now, at least, and until we really achieve a successful migration to another Earth-twin, we must rely upon our home planet. It is our precious resource and if we lose it we lose humankind.
A combination of science and entrepreneurial interests can turn the Amazon region into both a key environmental resource and an income producing resource for the inhabitants of that vital area.  The same combo-team can also turn the poppy fields of Afghanistan into a major resource of natural medical pain medications. No synthetics, all natural thus enriching and stabilizing a stagnant culture.
A combo-team of scientists (biology, botany, and zoology) and specialist in animal husbandry can begin to address the causes and the remedies associated with a rising extinction of Earth’s wild creatures.  Why bother? We must bother because as extinction increases it spreads across species debilitating Earth and that means us as well.
Similar combo-teams can turn agriculture back into a productive and rewarding life. Science finally addresses plant nutrition in ways that eliminates polluting run-off. Finally the farmer returns as a revered and vital member of society and not the presumed enemy of Mom Nature.
Engineering geniuses finally develop engines and vehicles that instead of polluting Earth; enrich it. Additionally, scientists, in concert, finally develop a natural fuel system that also enriches rather depletes Earth’s resources
So the demand and the workforce are already in place and they will grow and in growing they will first preserve our home and secondly preserve and enrich us with a fuller and more rewarding life.
None of this will be an easy transition. Without direct international leadership in redirecting both public and private energies to concentrate on nurturing nature, we will all wither. If we wait until it becomes an emergency then that situation will extend to include all life forms; again that includes us.
This entire process can produce a remarkable redeployment of a cast-off workforce and introduce an entirely new and rich international endeavor that sustains humankind while preserving our home.
Yes, there is a spiritual element to all of this. We return to revering the Earth and all its residents (plants, animals and human) which stands to spread cooperation and desires for peace among us all. Every sunrise becomes a celebration and an individual moment of praise and thanksgiving.
Lastly, when we talk about nurturing nature we are talking about humankind as well. We are all one, and it is time that we achieve that reunion which will provide new adventures for an idle workforce and a return of the full glory of our beloved Earth.