Tinkering, tinkering here and there and everywhere.

Tinkering here, tinkering there, tinkering that’s getting us nowhere. I see this as a rising mantra that evokes our current approach to both a ballooning energy crisis and a blind-mans bluff management of global warming and its attendant climate change.

Encouraged by Wall Street, corporate management in our petroleum industry and our auto industry cannot tear themselves away from the profit well.  This is even though they are fully aware that the well is running dry. This is so uncharacteristic of the real backbone of American industry. I say this because we got here by virtue of the bold, risk-taking entrepreneurs who raised this nation to become a world renown productive giant. That giant, in turn, raised the opportunities and hopes of millions of us.

I had the distinct privilege of working in the aerospace industry in those times. Way before the Apollo 13 crisis, “Failure Is Not an Option” was our hymn of progress. We must, for the sake of all humankind, go there again.

Instead of punishing Big Oil, Congress needs to redirect and inspire them. The inspiration should come in shared investments that are part petro-profit and part from we-the-people though our taxes. Why, on Earth, why? The petroleum industry already has the processing and distribution capabilities and components that would allow it to take hydrogen power and put it in every service station across America. At the same time, we need to resurrect the Lee Iacocca‘s and Henry Fords and inspire them to turn a stumbling auto industry into an eruption of inspired fuel cell designs that keep this nation on the move, and, yes, even in the air and on the seas. Most important of all, we need to start believing that we can do it, and that we want to do it. As dispirited as we are now, we just grab nibbles of escape and pleasure hoping that something will change. Tinkering again, but only this time with the future of humanity.

Taking inspiration from Marshall College’s courageous chant we must start our own that boldly proclaims, “We Are America.” We come to believe it again, and in believing we rise up and turn this current adversity into rousing success. This is the real American way.

IMAGE CREDIT: Tinker image courtesy of “Dvorak Uncensored” http://tinyurl.com/4uqqmoo