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Dead Earth: Click on the image for more information.

At this time, on this planet, Earth, the environment and climate change naysayers constantly dispute the proven fact that humankind is directly contributing to the decline of life. The dispute is based on the belief that whatever is happening is in no way humankind’s fault and that much of the purported dangers are fraudulently conceived to empower liberal politics. This is tragic and even more tragic is the possibility that none of this is unique. It is possible that these sames kinds of disputes and ongoing abuse of the environment and life systems has occurred and is occurring throughout the Cosmos.
Yes, there is what we could call competitive evolution in which one life form in its evolution may threaten the existence of one or more other life forms, but all of this seems to follow a rather random but orderly pattern that appears to be a part of the thrive of planetary life systems (at least on this planet). The evolution of humankind as, for now, the top life-form, introduces a species that does not necessarily follow any orderly pattern and generally threatens a large segment of all life on the planet. At the same time, some segments of the human species is mindful of this threat to other life and seeks to alter human behavior to reduce that damage and also enhance the endurance and progress of all life on the planet. Therein resides the cause for the dispute mentioned above. The net effect right now is that life on Earth is imperiled.
Have we carried Darwin’s theory of “natural selection” too far? Are we convinced that we are the ultimate species and that there is little or no interdependence of life within our environment? Science says it is otherwise. Based on current scientific research and analyses there is a very high probability that life inhabits other planetary bodies (exoplanets) throughout the universe.  It is also possible that some forms of human life exists on some of those exoplanets. Can we also assume that some or all of those human-like lives have evolved and in a manner similar to ours? In my opinion, that answer should be yes. The next question could be, are those humans abusing their environments just as we are or are they like our Native American bretheran who still believe and practice a respectful interrelationship with planet Earth? The intriguing and entrancing scifi movie “Avatar” clearly illustrates this diversity of attitudes toward the environment.
What if it is true, that human life, in whatever form and wherever, is abusing their planetary environments much as we are? Even though life in some form will most likely continue to generate and regenerate throughout the Cosmos, there is also the possibility that there could be a gigantic collapse of life throughout the Cosmos due to widespread abuse of life supporting environments. If this should all come to pass within an envelope of time, it is highly possible that we could have a silent Cosmos. By silent, I mean without life in any form and its evolutionary processes. This is avoidable, and for Earthlings, though a cosmic consciousness is desirable, the key concentration must be on planet Earth. We have the power, the technology, the science, and the economic drive that should enable us to both progress and preserve and protect our environment. On the other hand, if we submit to greed and addiction to power we could quickly accelerate the total extinction of all life on Earth. Capitalistically, that is a lousy investment. Environmentally it is stupid. Sociologically it is suicidal.
Lastly, as mentioned above we are learning and beginning to respect the interdependence of all life here on Earth and to envision that concept prevailing throughout the Cosmos. That is a purely glorious and stimulating realization. We are not alone. We have immense linkages across the universe, and with that we have the power to progress and enrich all that surrounds us. In a cosmic sense, to me at least, this is our ultimate mission and reason for our presence.  Yes, life has a reason, and we should neither neglect nor abuse it.
Like the Na’vi of Pandora we must prevail and in prevailing we could be the incentive that ensures that the Cosmos will never go silent.


WHIMSYIt has existed since humankind began, but it didn’t acquire its name and general definition until around 1605.  Some are inclined to call it brain spooling, but that includes more than just whimsy. It is the position of this blog article that whimsy is the root source for imagination, creative ideation, simple silly thoughts, and more. The above image maps out that inter-connective influence of whimsy.
Yes, the definition Meisters indicate that whimsy is akin to fanciful, silly, giddy, and more (see the image above for more examples). We see it as a state of mind where the brain is essentially allowed to spool on its own and at its own pace and direction. No, it is not night-dreaming. It could be day-dreaming. It could also be essentially sub-conscious in that we are generally unaware.  In most cases it is very relaxing and can lead to drowsiness and sleep or it can ease us into awareness as fanciful thoughts dance around and suddenly grab our attention.
Review of the literature essentially places the products of whimsy in the arts; in either the forms of art, music or literature. Well, what about science; no whimsy? We think it is there too, but being able to separate it from the very orderly and precise concepts that characterize scientific ideas is difficult. For example, when Einstein, as a very young man was musing about light and light rays he considered what it would be like to be at the extreme forward end of a beam of light. Hmm,  could this have started as a whimsical thought that grew quickly into a serious question and  then a serious scientific theory? In our view, we tend to credit whimsy as the possible spark that eventually gave us E=MC^2.
In the very popular modern movie, “Avatar” there is definitely a large supply of whimsy, but no viewer can watch the entire movie and come away with only an awareness of some fanciful fiction without any appreciation for the social messages hammered home in the movie. Here whimsy is both obvious and dominant, but we believe that for most viewers that whimsy fires off an array of ideas, reactions, and emotions. Our minds are fuller on exit than when we began watching. Depending on our particular philosophies, experiences, and social concepts “Avatar” and its solid dose of whimsy stimulates our thinking in a host of different ways and often for a prolonged period of time. Moreover, comments from some viewers indicate that the Avatar whimsies induced a whole, related set of their own whimsical thoughts. This, of course, is exactly what the author, producer and director wanted to have happen.
Would it be ridiculous to consider the Cosmos in a whimsical way? We think not. In fact if you carefully listen to those wonderful commentaries by the scientist Carl Sagan you cannot help but sense a subtle application of whimsy. It does not detract from his messages. It gently and almost surreptitiously pulls you into his explanations of  the Cosmos. “We are stardust people” is both lovely whimsy and solid science.
The human brain is so versatile, so astoundingly powerful and its abilities to integrate and assimilate definitely produces the seeds of whimsy. Unfortunately some of the more reality-driven tend to downplay, even cruelly mock evidences of whimsy even in the arts. This should be avoided at all costs. If nothing other than moments of delight, imaginative escapes or delirious excursions into a fantasy world are all that we experience, they are moments of respite for our minds, our emotions and even our spirituality. With a little practice and an increased appreciation for whimsy we may find we have gained a powerful stimulus for our own creative output.

IMAGE CREDIT: The whimsy diagram image is from: http://tinyurl.com/3sqzva2

A Blue Cosmic Hug Courtesy Of Hubble Space Telescope

Looking for a quick and easy, everyday spiritual boost?

Well, have you tried a Cosmic Hug? They are all around you. Right under your nose. Let’s look over some various nearby and distant samples and the reasons why they are cosmic hugs.

Our own cosmos and associated hugs: The image on the left is a part of my local cosmos, but every one of us has one. All we need to do is look for it. It doesn’t hide. If we cannot see it, it is because we are not looking for it.

The image of the gulls in both flight and reflection are cosmic elements that enthrall us. Experiencing that uplifts us just as if we had been given a warm, affectionate hug. The sound of the gulls’ sometimes gleeful, sometimes plaintive cries also draws us in to that cosmic moment and we feel tension; even bitterness or grief fly away from us.

Well, not everybody is for the birds. Be assured they do not mind, and you are not abandoned either. Many of us are often stopped in our tracks by the stunning beauty of a wildflower calmly waiting for our discovery. No musical cries, often not even an enticing odor. The only thing that emanates constantly from it is pure beauty.The lovely wild orchid on the right is also part of my local cosmos, but it can also be yours just as those gulls can be. These cosmic elements are always with us, if we doubt that then most likely we are not paying attention to our local cosmos. While we are taking those hikes in the woods we may also find other stunning examples of our personal cosmos. Like the gulls and the orchid, those examples await us. In each case in some very unique and personal way we are both surprised and renewed. We actually feel it course through our bodies as we welcome a treasured cosmic hug.

Although venturing forth across our earthly cosmos or even beyond and into the great Cosmos is an appealing goal. Our first efforts should begin locally. It will include all that is and all that surrounds us and they will always be rewarding. Yes, there are pockets of ire, sorrow, hate, and abuse within our human cosmos, but we will never find those perils from the natural world or the Cosmos above us. We can take full refuge within our naturally local cosmos. Once we have made those discoveries then our ventures into the deep glory of  the great Cosmos will bring richer more fulfilling hugs. Most importantly, usually those hugs come from a glance, not from prolonged, difficult searches. The image on the left is an example of a surprise embrace that we only receive if we keep an open spirit to all that surrounds and often awaits us.

Often frantic, sporadic hook-ups are physically refreshing, but are cosmically vacant. The stimulation from these hugs starts in the brain and spreads throughout and usually becomes embedded psychologically.  Perhaps the most effective process for finding and benefitting from these embraces is to practice a Star Trek “shields down” attitude.  We are each a cosmos, so a smile, a friendly greeting to all, or a” hello young man/lady” to a youngster are all elements of cosmic hugs. No contact required; just awareness and acknowledgement.

Do you greet beautiful Spring flowers? Do you laugh with a joyful bird? Do you express sympathy to a fractured or dying tree? All are cosmic and when you share and extend a cosmic hug all are enriched; especially you. Above all, we suddenly realize the opportunity for these hugs is both unlimited and universal.

Have you had your cosmic hug today? Have you given a cosmic hug today? If neither, why? Well, you can get an awesome hug by joining Carl Sagan in a walk along the shores of our Cosmic ocean. Just click the Lady Vinca image below to begin a stroll along the shores of that majestic ocean.

May The Cosmos In All Its Ways Be With You.


Blue Cosmic Hug – courtesy of Hubble Space Telescope and NASA/ESA

Gulls: Waddell Robey (c) 1968

Wild Orchid: Waddell Robey (c) 1965

Shy Racoon: National Wildlife Refuge images

Vinca: Waddell Robey (c) 1970

There is absolutely no sense in panicking; robotics are going to replace more and more of the current human workforce. Does this mean we are approaching a Player Piano human lifestyle? It could happen, but it does not need to happen.
As more robots move into the workplace there will be an increasing availability of workers to tend to Earth’s environment. Are we talking about just planting trees and raking leaves? Absolutely not, we are talking about an entire range of skills from agronomy to zoology. Yes, there will be a need for manual skills, but also a growing demand for entrepreneurial and scientific interests and skills.  For now, at least, and until we really achieve a successful migration to another Earth-twin, we must rely upon our home planet. It is our precious resource and if we lose it we lose humankind.
A combination of science and entrepreneurial interests can turn the Amazon region into both a key environmental resource and an income producing resource for the inhabitants of that vital area.  The same combo-team can also turn the poppy fields of Afghanistan into a major resource of natural medical pain medications. No synthetics, all natural thus enriching and stabilizing a stagnant culture.
A combo-team of scientists (biology, botany, and zoology) and specialist in animal husbandry can begin to address the causes and the remedies associated with a rising extinction of Earth’s wild creatures.  Why bother? We must bother because as extinction increases it spreads across species debilitating Earth and that means us as well.
Similar combo-teams can turn agriculture back into a productive and rewarding life. Science finally addresses plant nutrition in ways that eliminates polluting run-off. Finally the farmer returns as a revered and vital member of society and not the presumed enemy of Mom Nature.
Engineering geniuses finally develop engines and vehicles that instead of polluting Earth; enrich it. Additionally, scientists, in concert, finally develop a natural fuel system that also enriches rather depletes Earth’s resources
So the demand and the workforce are already in place and they will grow and in growing they will first preserve our home and secondly preserve and enrich us with a fuller and more rewarding life.
None of this will be an easy transition. Without direct international leadership in redirecting both public and private energies to concentrate on nurturing nature, we will all wither. If we wait until it becomes an emergency then that situation will extend to include all life forms; again that includes us.
This entire process can produce a remarkable redeployment of a cast-off workforce and introduce an entirely new and rich international endeavor that sustains humankind while preserving our home.
Yes, there is a spiritual element to all of this. We return to revering the Earth and all its residents (plants, animals and human) which stands to spread cooperation and desires for peace among us all. Every sunrise becomes a celebration and an individual moment of praise and thanksgiving.
Lastly, when we talk about nurturing nature we are talking about humankind as well. We are all one, and it is time that we achieve that reunion which will provide new adventures for an idle workforce and a return of the full glory of our beloved Earth.

The image of colorful chaos above is a random artistic illustration of the state and course of human society today. As shown in the artwork, there are separate centers of cohesion with swirling varieties of cultural movements that seem to gravitate toward those centers. The artwork also displays interruptions and pitfalls that hamper that flow.  Lastly the various colors and shades of colors represent the many various cultural embodiments of Homo sapiens. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of this came together in a unified and cohesive manner? NO!

The artwork as well as real live humankind display a varied and vibrant diversity. This is good. What is not working out so well is a successful interrelationship and interaction between those areas of diversity. The challenge is to protect and enrich the diversity while successfully bringing all of it into an interactive and cooperative existence. This could mean world peace.  The following is an example of strong diversity operating in a very supportive and progressive manner. Take a moment or two to view it and then read on for more of this discussion.

Well, yes we hear you. World peace can come from all of us different folks dancing together? Yes! It will be far more productive and supportive of reaching world peace if we all dance together rather than threatening or fighting each other. For us to reach the point where we can dance together means we have achieved a significant success in preserving diversity while also improving our mutual respect and cooperation with each other. We could label that the ISS paradigm.

We call it the ISS paradigm, because of the unique and highly successful international cooperation in the support and operation of the International Space Station.  Diversity and respectful and productive cooperation are an ISS standard. It is a role model that we should all acknowledge and use as a clear example of what we can accomplish with the right motivation.  Is not world peace, and sustained equal opportunity for all humankind sound motivation?

None of this is a given, and some nations are a bit more successful that others, but globally we are way behind. We need democratic forms of governance, but it needs to be real, citizen-based, and not the product of special interests or powerful financial forces. Additionally we must universally accept that scientific knowledge both as a profession and as a level of human intelligence must become commonplace. Right now science is often the victim of suspicion and misleading mysticism. That must change; universally. The late scientist Carl Sagan states that “we are a scientific civilization” which means “a civilization in which knowledge and its integrity are crucial. Science is only a Latin word for knowledge. Knowledge is our destiny.”

So we are at a threshold of change and when we cross that we then face the crossroads of our future. One road leads us into expanded intellectual power and thus a greater sense of our being and respect of the very diversity that makes us so unique. The other road will lead us into darkness where suspicion rules and where progress is defined only by those of great power and wealth. The end of that road is extinction.  So not only must we boldly step forward, but we must also bravely take the correct path for our future and continuing evolution.

Please take time to view the video below. It is both soothing and inspiring. All that you see is part of us and we of it. Look too at the diversity on display. It too is part of our cosmic community. By gaining a cosmic focus we will find that achieving full recognition of our own diversity and our ability to become a unity of differences will ensure our progress and future. In joy, we will dance together; globally.



Image: Artistic chaos – by the author

Quote: Carl Sagan, from his book, The Dragons of Eden.



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