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Not to worry, your individual spirituality is not at risk of mockery or abuse. Your awareness of the connectivity of your life with the entire energy matrix throughout the Cosmos is revealed and in that process your value and importance is recognized and encouraged. You are not alone, you have never been alone, and will never be alone here or throughout the Cosmos.

Limited Significance: In our Earthly surrounds some of us are significant while others are not. In some cases the insignificant are relegated to that status by other humans who have self-appointed themselves as significant. In our society, we also elevate some of us to levels of significance based upon our political, philosophical, artistic and humanitarian popularity and or efforts. Sadly, most of us are in that ignored status of insignificance As you will learn here, that is a meaningless status. Although sociologically we seek, even require, recognition from family, friends, communities, workers, etc., those acknowledgments are often fickle or tainted with specific performance requirements. Should we fail to meet these, we stand to drop into the anonymity of insignificance. Crushed and alone some of us leap away from life on Earth while others simply dissolve into permanent hopelessness. None of this is funny or acceptable.

Compassion, not pity, steps in and we insignificant are given new sets of performance requirements to master. Some of us do and rise up to Earthly significance. Rarely, if ever, are we told that we as life-forms hold eternal significance with all life and energy here on Earth and throughout the Cosmos. Yes, various religions seek to do this on a limited basis. They are limited because they too have requirements that must be mastered. Some of us fail here too, and are left to go crashing down again. Hope survives; so hang on.

Its Cosmic: Everything that surrounds us that is alive or supports life (air, water, energy, etc.) has significance here on Earth and throughout the Cosmos. We are part of that everything. All forms of energy surround us, impact us, and are within us and all of that binds us to each other and the Cosmos. The flutter of a bird’s wing matches the flutter of an excited human heart. The joyful thrumming of a happy cricket jangles us awake and then often provokes our giggles. The bright, flaming streak of a meteorite both alarms and invites us to consider what lies well beyond our Earthly confines. All striking reminders that we are not alone, and that we are all one together and are valuable.

On Being Valuable:  Yes, being valuable within the Cosmos may not ring any bells when added to a job resume’, but what that status inspires can fill a multi-paged resume’. Just knowing we are not alone, and knowing that the first and most important human to satisfy is ourselves permanently elevates us to significance status. Certainly, we often need help to sustain our significance and to prosper from it. In this regard, finding the key to the help doorway is often accomplished by being a help doorway ourselves. Our outstretched, helping hand can be the magic key that opens our own development pathway. Compassion is not a sedative, it is a stimulant for both the giver and the recipient. In responding to the grief or confusion of another person we usually find answers to our own quandaries. Enlightenment and hopefulness are mutually shared. Our outreach is not just human to human, it is across the entire spectrum of life here and , as we will learn, throughout the Cosmos. Our efforts to keep our home planet alive and well is as important in sustaining our significance as all that we may do for ourselves and for each other. Nurturing nature, which by virtue of its very existence nurtures us, is a vital and enriching effort. The more we do, in every respect raises us higher and higher.  Voila, we can become enriched and empowered.

Empowerment: The Real and the Fake: “All right, all right, who’s in charge here?” That bossy inquiry is courtesy of your psyche. Your answer should be a strong and confident, “I am.” Yes, the source of our real (virtual) empowerment is us. It begins within each of us and with proper care matures with a solid backbone of self-confidence and skills. Proper care is vital and complex. All life-forms go through this process of becoming empowered. For humans it is first our parents, then our peers and our schooling. Later is will be essentially ourselves and sometimes a caring soul-mate. Soul-mates can be what we term wives or husbands, but they also can be a relative or a trusted friend. In many cases, our only soul-mate is our own selves and our sense of being. This is the framework of true empowerment. It is within us, not external and fleeting.

Some of us fall prey to those who partially fulfill their own empowerment by empowering us in a manipulative way. In these instances we are not free or self-determining, we are rigidly enslaved by others who depend on our bondage to enforce their power. For us to break free from this we usually must stand alone, but as we have stated throughout here, we are never alone and so despite our physical aloneness we are one with the Cosmos. This is how we replace that false empowerment with the real power that is born within ourselves. This is not easy, and it is often emotionally and, sometimes, physically painful. If we prevail, then we are set free.

Freedom’s Obligations: Being free is not a gift. It is an earned reward and as such carries specific obligations. The chief among these is the commitment to promote freedom for others who may be falsely empowered and thus in an inescapable bondage. Traditionally, this has produced war-like actions that seek to liberate, but warfare creates its own bondages and thus sullies out acts of liberation with new enslavement. In these situations the price of freedom is far too expensive. Regardless, we must strive to diminish both physical, cognitive and spiritiual enslavement. The best method is to enable all those interactions discussed above that allow us to determine our own status and to recognize our value to ourselves, to all life on this planet and especially our value within the Cosmos. We can do it, but the challenge is, will we do it?

Enabling Cosmic Significance: If we answer the challenge above and strive for freedom for all life-forms we then begin to enable our Cosmic Significance. As this becomes reality, we are enriched, we are strengthened and as noted above we are set free. This imposes an infinite cycle  in which human life rejoins the Cosmos and then joyfully shares the energy and power of these cosmic alliances. We are strong, we are compassionate, we are creative and most importantly we are uniquely ourselves, but never, never alone.

So What Does All This Mean?: In a word, as we achieve unity with the Cosmos and all life that is within us and that surrounds us, we don’t just experience it, we become JOY.

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When we humans finally evolved as a life form on this planet we were overwhelmed with the inexplicable and mysterious in our environment. We quickly developed mystical explanations for those events. In this process, some of us were more gifted in providing these explanations and became spokespersons for the supposed forces that produced these often frightening happenings.  Since these forces were invisible and powerful they were quickly deified by those spokespersons. This process imbued these mystics with a unique power to both forecast and explain natural events as the actions of specific deities. Suddenly the explainers became  leaders that established the moral and behavioral structure of their respective cultures.
Centuries have passed and the mystics have refined their explanations which in most cases has increased their power and persuasion over their respective flocks. Today we call this religion and the majority of humankind adhere at some level to one of these religions. The moral and behavioral encouragements of these centers of mysticism have had various success in stabilizing, even moderately  improving humankind’s relationship with one another. Regardless, we still kill one another, we still seek to overpower competitive or non-conforming (with out beliefs) cultures or are overpowered ourselves. Enslavement in a variety of unique styles is still practiced and rebelled against. Over all of this, the mystics invoke their spiritual explanations and incantations that urge their followers to disavow all explanations that successfully remove both mystery and mysticism from the natural events of our lives.
Those alternate explanations are actually the product of scientific research in which we explore and upon exploring we discover and upon discovering we seek to explain, and in explaining we add to what we call science. In this practice as well as that of the mystics, both results produce a sense of glory and oneness with all that surrounds us. The difference is that the mystical approach offers no proofs, no clear explanations, but instead demands followers to believe based exclusively on their faith in the words of the mystics. Science on the other hand, provides proof and stunning explanations all still producing those senses of glory, wonderment and oneness. In this latter case faith is not lost it is only reinforced in a positive, non-mystical way. We all are awed, enriched, and ecstatic over the revelations that science provides. Our sense of oneness is more than concept it is a definite sensory awareness of our mutual relationship with the cosmos.
Should we feel shame, fear or loss of faith because we tend to rely more on science than mysticism? Absolutely not! As we become more aware of the revelations of science we gain stronger spirituality as our understanding of the many aspects of the cosmos grows. We are enriched by it and come to understand we are not external to the cosmos, but are an integral and vital part of it. For many who achieve this realization, they acknowledge how warm and included they feel. Yes feel, not just think, or believe on faith, but actually experience that mutuality.
Surprise, way before we were learning through science our prehistoric predecessors had those feelings of mutuality, of deep respect for the cosmos, and an awesome, cosmic focused spirituality that remains with their descendants to this day.
I understand how a tree starts and grows and spreads its glory and wealth. I feel an intimacy with trees. When a storm strikes and a tree or trees are stricken with broken limbs or toppled completely I feel sorrow and express my condolences to those forms of life. Why; because we are all part of the same cosmos. Should we not feel that same for all life forms and to take joy when we learn of a new life form or another revelation about the cosmos? Of course we should, because we are learning about ourselves and our surrounds. We become less frightened, more enriched and as stated above,more focused on the glory of the cosmos. Spirituality will follow, and those who seek to espouse and enrich it should not defy science, but should embrace it and in doing so clearly bring us all closer together in harmony and unity; which by the way is cosmos.
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