Yep, I’m pretty craggy. I ‘ve bounced around this planet for well over one-half century doing things in aerospace engineering and management, and in health and human services. Now, at last, I am free to delve into all that surrounds us – the Cosmos.
In this new blog series, COSMOSARIUS, I consider where and how we humans may evolve in a unique and exciting way. No longer are we Earthlings, or Martian home-makers, we are citizens of the Cosmos. In my mind, achieving this status is our ultimate evolutionary goal.  The rewards are immense. By the way, we will consider “cosmos” in a much more intimate way.  Yes, a lot of this, at this point, will be imaginative rather than hard cold fact, but the imaginative part comes from the consideration of years of hard cold facts.  I hope you will join us here, and also in our other blog site: Explorology. You will see, I am sure, the links between Explorology and COSMOSARIUS.
UPDATE: We have shortened our new blog name to COSMOSARIUS. The use of Latin and anthropological style naming confused some of our followers.  Cosmosarius still represents our evolutionary goal of becoming the ultimate cosmic citizen.